Thursday, 28 June 2012

I guess this'll be why these posts have thus far been small and infrequent.

Also, it's hot, I'm wearing jeans and this office has little in the way of fresh air circulation.  I smell a bit and my eyes feels like they're staring to melt down my cheeks a little.  This ends the excuse update, go and read something that'll actually improve you, like this.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Post 2 and it's a motherfucking DOOZY.


I like Ihsahn's solo stuff loads more than I ever liked Emperor, who I always thought were a bit dull and overrated.  Yeah I said it.  This is wicked though.

I've made a blog, this is it, I wonder if I shall use it.

'Savageless' is a name I use all over the internet, it doesn't mean anything although it sounds like it perhaps should, it was just a turn of phrase picked out of a conversation I overheard while signing up to twitter and thus could have been anything else if I'd signed up another day.  Aardviking maybe.

Actually, that's quite good.