Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Free booze and free cake, dagnammit.

Week 5

Last week I left you with a determination to double down and stay focussed and since then it's maybe been the best week yet on this program.  Here's your blog reading music for the week, Run the Jewels new album is out as a free download and if you have even a passing interest in hip hop you'd be a fool to pass it up, the first album is classic.

The diet's been really good this week.  I keep a food diary and send it to Kat every week and this week she said she didn't know how she could improve on it.  Nice.  Kat has warned us that this is the point, a month in, where motivation is likely to start slipping so it's really time to make sure that doesn't happen.  This is supposed to be a 12 week commitment after all, be a shame to start flagging 1/3 of the way in.   Food's really important to me (like it is for a lot of us, what with all the metabolism and that) so I'd hate to be on "diet", something that makes me miserable because I'm constantly denying myself or, horror of all horrors, going hungry.  As it is I find the healthier I eat, healthier I want to eat so it's massive salads-a-go-go, lots of protein and veg and I don't really miss bread and pasta (that much).  Had a craving for a burger Saturday night so while I toasted buns for my girlfriend I made a salad of all the stuff I'd usually put in a burger and made baked sweet potato chips.
90% of a burger is still awesome.

Just a couple of substitutions and I had a super healthy meal which still scratched that burger itch.  I'm smashing through that recommended 5 a Day, drinking lots of water (man, I piss A LOT), eating often during the day (fresh & dried fruit, nuts, boiled eggs, rice cakes with peanut butter - my new favourite thing) and I'm never hungry,  Not being hungry means I'm not getting cravings.  Winning!

The gym's been good too, slowly but surely but I'm definitely getting fitter.  Kat has us doing deadlifts and it'super satisfying upping the weight every week, and having the Dropkick Murphys in my head one morning doing a bag session had me seriously fired up.  Getting up before 6 and
This is pre-gym in the morning. THE MORNING!
heading out in the dark and the rain is actually fun,  well 'fun' might be pushing it but it's legitimately motivating, though as a result I don't have the option to stay up all night playing GTA as often these days but hey, got to make some sacrifices eh?  It's not like I'm not writing this on a day off which I'm mostly using to get a massage and play the newly remastered GTA San Andreas while eating a bit of healthy cake (HEALTHY CAKE!) prepared by my fellow 12 Weeker Laura, so don't feel too bad for me,

Speaking of fellow 12 Weekers we had a meal out together at the end of last week.  We're all chatting and sharing meals on our facebook group but was good to be able to met up outside the gym environment to talk about how we're all getting on.  The fact that we're all doing this along with other people I think is a big help.  If you're reading this and thinking you should make more of an effort I'd really recommend trying to get someone on board with you to share the experience, it's supportive and also gives you something to be accountable to.

Another night out this week with free booze and free cake, dagnammit. This time at the legendary Prince Charles Cinema (a place I've spent so much time in it feels like my living room) for a screening of a new Breaking Bad documentary, so blue meth cocktails and Heisenberg cupcakes were deftly avoided on not even missed to be honest.

So all in all a very positive week, not even the realisation that I'm developing Reed Richards hair could get me down this week.  Another 7 lbs lost this week can only be a good thing.

Thanks for reading, thought and comments always appreciated,.  Here's your reward for getting to the bottom of this post, a kitten noisily eating a corn on the cob.

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