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Fighting fat with fat

Eureka Machines
Week 9

This week's blog reading music is the Eureka Machines' cover of Walk Like an Egyptian. We went to see them last week in Camden, what a great band.  They're always really fun live, loads of great sing alongs to be had, seem to be genuinely grateful for the success they've had thus far and they're 100% independent.  I've got a lot of time for Eureka Machines, they've got a new album on the way too, happy times!

It's been a good week at 12 Rounds Boxing this week.  Been doing my two early morning bag work sessions, 1 weight session (new deadlift personal best, 120kg) a bit of swimming (another new PB, 54 lengths) as well as more actual boxing classes which I'm so happy to get back to.  Working on boxing technique is so much fun for me and when you're really enjoying what you're doing you get a work out in without even noticing, so much better than just forcing yourself to stay on the crosstrainer at Fitness First another 15 minutes.  Looking forward to doing much more actual boxing training next year now my fitness is starting to come back to a decent level, can't wait to get back to sparring.

This is week 9 on the 12 Week course and when I think of the difference from week one to now it's amazing.  Week one was a struggle to get in the gym at all and now I've got so much energy once I get going I don't want to stop.  Feeling worn out towards the end of a session doesn't make me want to slow down and wish it was over anymore, it makes me want to push harder.  Getting just a little bit fitter makes it a little bit easier to work harder, and working a little harder than last time every time makes me a little fitter, I like this momentum a lot and I can really feel the difference in how my body feels.

The 12 Rounds crew did the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest 10k obstacle course run thingy last weekend and while I'm probably too broken and injured to ever do that it looks like so much fun that it makes me want to get my fitness up to the level where it might me possible.  We'll see, that might be another blog.

Mmmmm fat.
Diet's a bit changed this week.  Kat's got us eating more protein and fat (healthy fats - coconut oil, butter, avocado, oily fish) which does a good job at keeping me full, stops me snacking during the day as much and I'm only eating carbs the night before training.
 Eating more fats seems like a strange thing to do when you're trying to lose fat and it's taken me a while to come around to it as a concept.  Makes perfect sense though, your body needs fats for essential functions all the time and any extra calories your body doesn't use will be stored as excess blubber, not just the fats we've eaten.  As far as I understand it in my new and limited knowledge of how this works is the worst thing to eat for extra blubber reserves are sugars and carbohydrates (which are basically sugar, who knew?) and low-fat versions of foods tend to be packed with sugar!  Have a look at the back of a flavoured 0% fat yogurt and see how much sugar (or any ingredient ending with -ose) is in there.  Horrendous.  Have a natural greek yogurt with fresh berries, much better.   In the last 9 weeks I've pretty much cut out all refined sugar, but a friend gave me a slice of birthday cake one afternoon, rude to resist, and Jesus Christ...  you get really sensitive to that stuff when you've not had it for a while.  Two minutes later I felt like I'd shotgunned 6 espressos, had to bin it.

I went end for an awesome Sri-Lankan curry and a beer on Saturday. Can't take this stuff too seriously can ya? Only lost a couple of pounds on the scale this week but more importantly the jeans I bought before this program started that I couldn't even get into now fall off without a belt.  Much more important than what the scale says.

Super healthy, includes fats.  Roast duck with plum sauce, cauliflower
 and parsnip puree and baby leeks. I love cooking ( and eating)

Thanks for reading, as a reward here's a chimp doing it's best to babysit and a teddy bear getting some treadmill work in.

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