Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Damage Control

Week 11

Or Week 11 and a half. I'm late I know, I do try and do these every week but with the festive season kicking in and Diana and I going to Amsterdam for the middle of last week my days are all over the place.  Here's this week's festive blog reading music, enjoy!

Amsterdam. You beautiful bastard.
Amsterdam was a pre Christmas break perfect for Diana's voracious appetite for museums and mine for Dutch apple cake.  This might not have been great for the diet, I'm going to justify it by saying I've been saving up most of my cheat days for the last 10 weeks, plus we had fun, and there were lots of cats, and we got lots of exercise walking about the city. In fact that's bollocks, I don't need to justify it, just know that diet-based misdeeds occurred (see left).

Work parties used to be drunker that this
At least it's low carb.
Getting home from the break my ankle hurt from walking cobbled streets for 3 days so stayed away from the gym and went swimming, got to do what you body tells you and I know I've got to do what I can to offset the damage done while away and the damage that's bound to happen at Christmas which means making good choices in the gaps.  Which means at the time of writing there's 9 days left 'till Christmas and many of those days are filled with  goings on - dinner out with my girls from work, festive trips to the Prince Charles Cinema to see Trading Places, Die Hard & Gremlins, all Chrimbo classics (Christmas wouldn't be Christmas in our house without a visit the PCC) a couple of gigs including the annual, amazing Ginger Wildheart's birthday bash and last but by no means least, Diana's birthday! I'm even too busy to get to 12 Rounds Boxing for the Christmas Social.

So where these events are invariably going to include rich food and a degree of boozing and I'm certainly going to indulge (I just am) it's again about making good choices in the gaps.  There will likely be beer had at the Ginger gig - it's an annual year end pissup - but that doesn't mean I'll be having all the beers and greasy sandwich to help the next morning as I may have done previous years.  Busy evenings and a sore ankle are keeping more out of the gym more than I'll so make up for it by getting to swim before work or doing something at home.   Meals out tend to be filled with temptations and harder to make healthy choices, (especially when we're heading out somewhere special like this for Di's birthday!) so I'm making sure my other meals at home or work are on point, can't let it slip on all fronts even if I'm going to a little on one front.

Gluten free almond pancakes, fruit and Greek yogurt.  
Lean protein, green veg, low GI carb.  Feckin' outstanding dinner.

 It's important to be realistic.  I'm not going to enjoy this holiday period eating the same way I have for the last 11 weeks but I am going to go right back to that way of eating on New Years Day, the gaps between the indulgences until then are going to be healthier than ever and I'm even going to keep getting off the sofa over the next couple of weeks and get the exercise in when I can.  Next week is week 12 of the 12 Week Transformation....   can't let it all go to pot now!

Thanks for reading, here's a couple of Dutch cats as your reward

Living exhibits at the Cat Museum www.kattenkabinet.nl

Shi Shi joined us at our table for dinner.

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