Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Work harder! Take a load off.

Week 10

Here's this week's blog reading music.  Guardians of the Galaxy came out on BluRay this week so myself and Diana sat down to watch it again like the utter geeks we are and this song's been filling the house ever since (My ipod on the other hand sounds a bit more like this this week, not really blog reading music for most of you I'm sure but one of my albums of 2014).

Doesn't feel like it's been the most successful week this week.  My shoulder problem from earlier this year has been giving me a bit of grief and I turned my wrist over in an awkward way hitting the bags so that's been hurting too, plus a few other aches and pains.  Nothing horrendous but things that get in the way of working hard in the gym the way I'd like too.  I know my trainer, Kat from 12 Rounds, has been dealing with similar frustrations and she's making a real effort to pay attention to her body and do what's right for it, so I'm doing the same.

As ever, the cat leads the way in relaxation techniques.
I have an chronic problem with my Achilles tendon due to the fact that years ago I tore it while running and never got it seen to, I only found out what I'd done to it when I had an MRI this year and it turns out that's really not the kinda thing to just work through, so now I can basically never run. A year ago a pain in my body when training meant I should grit my teeth and make it through the exercise/round/session and that approach ended up with me eventually on the sofa, miserable, in pain and hardly able to move.

These days I'm making an effort to have a different approach and recognise the difference between something being difficult (WORK HARDER!) and something not being right with my body (STOP NOW!) and also the difference between being lazy and just not going to the gym and taking time off for a few days to rest when it's needed.  It's not easy when you automatically find yourself behaving in ways you always have but recognising you're doing it is half the problem.

The Prince Charles, home from home.
In that spirit I took the weekend off the gym and a friend and I went along to the wonderful  Prince Charles Cinema for a John Carpenter all-nighter on Saturday night.  Great fun and I swapped the M&Ms, fizzy drinks and popcorn we usually survive on at these nights for dried fruit, nuts and protein bars but skipping a whole Saturday night's sleep and hitting the caffeine when you've mostly given it up do not help when it comes to getting your already worn out self into the gym on Monday morning.  Sitting on one's arse for close to 11 hours while you're supposed to be sleeping is not really that restful it turns out.

Only a couple of pounds lost again this week but as long as it's not going up it's still a win. Still, got another personal best deal lift of 125kg.

Thanks for reading.  As a reward here's some home baking instant hedghogs

Work colleagues being supportive as ever.  I've not had one.

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