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Week 1 (again)

Welcome back. This week's blog reading music is Gravedweller by The Wytches.  Something I heard for the first time on New Years Eve and loved it - 3 minutes, loads of energy, bit of a racket and an early 90s throwback kinda sound.  Wicked.  Played to me by my friend Simo and you can read her top 10 movies of 2014 blog here.  She generally only likes good things so worth a read and you're going to need films to watch in January to keep you out of the pub, right? Although I do disagree about Under the Skin,

Christmas and Gozilla. Perfect.
Right then, to business. Christmas is done and the laziness, drunkenness and dietary indulgences shall remain largely unblogged, rest assured I probably look a bit more like my before pictures than the after pictures now.  There's been bread, there's been pizza, there's been cookies and there's been booze.  My first day back in the gym a few days after Christmas and Kat asked me how my diet had been, I literally laughed at her

I'd given up bread and pasta for the 3 months before Christmas and eating wheat over the break really made me notice the benefits of cutting them out.  Urgh, heavy and bloated and sluggish.  Clearly cooking a big, rich, indulgent pasta and seafood dish with garlic bread on Christmas Eve was delicious but I felt like a python trying to digest a whole goat afterwards.  Let alone the insane toastie I made almost on a bet.  Jesus.

Cheese and bacon toastie. Too extreme for me, this went in the bin.
So following an indulgent Christmas and a stupendously pissed New Year's Eve it's back to it.  Today I've taken down the decorations, and taken the tree outside, binned all the left over crisps and cakes and bread and cheese, packed all the booze away under the stairs and stocked the fridge with veg and fruit and fish and Quorn.  It's all too easy to just keep picking at all the left over festive treats so they had to go (I might have eaten a mince pie), this is the time to focus, the time for indulgence is up! Don't let the stumble turn into a fall.

Happy New Year!  (hic)
Much as I enjoyed a very chilled out Christmas I did start to get bored and was excited to get back in the gym.  As I'm typing my body feels drained, everyone at the class this morning was talking about how they were dreading getting back in there and how they'd not done any exercise for ages and how much this was going to suck - by the end of the class the gym was littered with broken, but smiling bodies.  It's so easy to forget when you're sitting at home eating pudding what an awesome feeling you get from a tough work out (and today felt tough!) and I can't wait to get back in there.

This is week 1 of another 12 week block.  The first one was an official program from Kat at 12 Rounds Boxing but this one is all on me (Kat and the others from the 12 Week group are super-supportive anyway it's not like I'm alone), 12 weeks is a short enough amount of time to not be daunting and long enough to see some real results.

The first 12 weeks got me primed and this year I'm looking forward to stepping it up.  Let's have it!

Back to regular programming. Kale and eggs and green tea.
Bambo didn't really appreciate his Christmas gift it has to be said. 

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