Thursday, 8 January 2015

Group therapy

Week 2

That's one way of looking at it.
This week's blog reading music is the Beastie Boys.  Part of the playlist in the gym at 12 Rounds this week and guaranteed to give you a boost when you're starting to flag half way through a hard class, RIP MCA.  Less said about Bryan Adams being on that same playlist the better though, urgh, feckin Bryan Adams.  I heard this new Kanye West song before class this week too, nothing like being driven into a furious rage before going to a boxing class eh?  Seriously, if you or anyone you know actually likes Kayne West please seek the advice of a professional who will prescribe you an intensive course of the first four Ramones albums.

When we officially finished the 12 Week Transformation program with 12 Rounds Boxing in December, Kat sat down with myself and fellow 12 Weeker Laura to talk about the program and those conversations have now been edited into a video which you can watch right here so y'know, do so.  You wanna see my face other than that grumpy mugshot to the right don't you?

Spinach omelette with Devilspit Extreme sauce. Powerful stuff! 
Anyway, been back in the gym with a vengeance this week.  Everyone there seems ready to get stuck in and make up for December's indulgences and it's led to a great atmosphere.  I find it so much easier to work hard and and to keep working hard when in a room full of people doing the same thing, it's so easy to quit when it get's difficult if you're only accountable to yourself.  If you're thinking you should do something new and more healthy this January then try a class if you've not done so before.  Don't be intimidated as there's bound to be a load of people in the same boat as you, find a boxing gym or Zumba or bodypump or pilates or something, it's surprising how much easier it is to push yourself harder with other people around and someone at the front shouting out when to do next so you don't have to think.

In that spirit I went along to a new yoga class this week in central London ran by a friend of a friend who is offering a ridiculously good value deal on classes.  Yoga is so good for you and a great compliment to boxing training. I've done plenty of yoga at home on my own online (try this free course, it's fantastic) but it's good to do it with someone there who can point out to you where you need to make changes and offer advice.  Also, New Year, new things, I can be a bit of a homebody if allowed to be so it's good to get out in the world. Incidentally we went to see Birdman at the Barbican afterwards.  Go and see Birdman, it's amazing! Someone give Michael Keaton an Oscar. One of the best and most unique films I've seen in ages, also the Barbican is a great place to visit for any reason.

Just need chocolate? This stuff is awesome
The diet's been totally on point this week, no more bread or pasta, no booze, no refined sugar, nothing processed, lots of water and green things... following the Christmas carbageddon my body was crying out for vegetables.  Like everyone else I suppose it's easy to be motivated for the first week of the New Year, the trick is to not go so hard on yourself that you get burnt out and by the third week in it's back to pizza and beer. Being healthier should make you feel good about yourself, not miserable because you're denying yourself everything you want.

Right, with that in mind I'm off to Paris for the weekend with the Mrs to eat cakes and baguettes, everything in moderation and all that. Thanks for reading, here's a video of a cat being a total dick and another of an explosion in a fireworks factory - Holy shit.


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