Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Blood & Sugar

This weeks blog reading music is Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi. When I listen to this all I can think of is my friend Simo dancing around to it like a manic Fraggle which makes me very happy, so chances are you won't enjoy it as much as I do.  It's joyous though, especially if you have any kind of love for old school video games.

It was (almost) this bad.
Feel like I've overdone it a bit this week.  One of the big things about trying to get in shape is not to get too carried away with the exercise, especially when like me you tend to be a bit injury prone. Aches and pains a go-go this week so it's time to take a couple of days off.  I also had the crappest injury this week when I sliced the end of my finger open on my food processor blade  (Wish I'd taken a picture for the blog as it bled like a champ and I like a bit of gore) it wouldn't stop bleeding wouldn't stop so I carted myself off to A&E for a couple of stitches, after waiting half an hour or so to be seen with it wrapped up tight and elevated it had stopped and looked kinda pathetic, I checked myself out and went home without being treated.  The moral -  If you're going to hack yourself up in the kitchen do it on some high-grade equipment and keep your blades sharp, you'll get all the fun of making your girlfriend cry due to blood drama but the wound will be so neat it'll heal up so quick that you'll only miss one yoga class and be back to boxing before you know it.

We're 6 weeks in to 2015 and as much as I've been more and more enthusiastic about being in the gym the diet has started to slip so it's time to refocus. Last weekend Kat at 12 Rounds held a nutrition seminar which covered a lot of the ground we went over last year in our 12 Week program which was good for a refresher and plenty more besides and gave me lots of stuff I need to read up on.  Did you know protein is good for weight loss, or that eating carbs at night can be beneficial, what about the role your sympathetic vs parasympathetic nervous system plays in health and weight loss?  All interesting stuff (for me at least) but the main points for a healthy diet I'll pass on are these -

  1. Avoid stress, you can't expect to take care of much else if you're stressed out.
  2. Your body needs fats to work - don't just cut out fat and expect to lose your own.
  3. Don't eat things that are made in factories, eat things that come out of the ground.
  4. Get plenty of sleep.
  5. Sugar is the Devil and artificial sweeteners are even worse.
Yeah, that's what you need, to undereat.
Number 5 especially is a bastard.  'Low Fat' processed foods tend to be packed with sugar (look at the back of a low fat, flavoured yogurt) and all the flavour that comes in a zero calorie Diet Coke doesn't come for free, have a look at this to see how awful aspartame is.  I was looking at the box of my work colleague's Special K which proudly points out it's only 2% fat but if you look at the back it's 21% sugar.  That's horrendous! You might as well have sugar puffs for all the good this 'healthy' cereal is doing you. Here's a good article with tips on how to reduce sugar in your diet.

Saw a great fun film this week.  An unlikely role for Keanu Reeves who is at long last finally starting to age as John Wick - an absolutely ridiculous, stylised, uber-violent revenge thriller that packs more kills into 90 mins than maybe any film since the equally bat-shit mental Commando - but don't get me wrong, nothing's as good as Commando.  If you're a fan of that kind of cheesy b-movie you have to see it.  I can't believe I just recommended a Keanu Reeves movie as a must see, clearly a sign I need to stop typing.

Thanks for reading, here's a cat with it's head stuck in a paper cup being rescued.

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