Tuesday, 3 February 2015

C-c-c-c-caffeine Bomb

This week's blog reading music is Bombtrack by Rage Against the Machine, 24 years old this song and it still manages to sound awesome.  This came on the playlist in the gym this week as I was in the shower, if only it could have come on 10 mins earlier it could have pushed me into Hulk-mode.

Loving being in the gym, have been in 4 days out of the last 7 including some more boxing skill specific classes rather than classes where the focus is more on getting a good workout. Of course you still get a workout doing the skills school but in thinking mostly about technique and what you're trying to learn you sweat your guts out without really noticing.  It really is a case of the more exercise I do the more I want to, as my fitness gradually improves it becomes mentally easier to push my body harder and I've been loving it, on rest days I've been hankering to wrap my hands and get back to hit something.  This is such a long way from the days of having for force myself back into Fitness Worst a couple of times a week for an ineffectual session on the cross trainer because I felt I should, now I can't wait for my next session.

Poison, clearly.
It would have been 5 days in the gym this week with Sunday midday weights session but I skipped that one for safety reasons.  Diana and I went to the Prince Charles Cinema on Saturday night for an all-night Avengers movie marathon which was wicked fun but clearly not the healthiest thing one can do their body, even if I did pack a bag with healthy snacks to keep me going the body still needs sleep but movie marathons don't feel right without the delirium that comes from too many energy drinks (generally one is too many, these things are horrendous for you).  We came home, sleep deprived and totally wired on CGI and Monster Rehab at about 9.30am Sunday, Diana crashed out immediately and I settled down watch the previous night's UFC event.  There was a point where I seriously considered heading to the gym and had to convince myself that I was probably not in my right mind, after being awake for 30+ hours I'd likely pass out mid-kettlebell swing and brain someone.

12 hours in the cinema and no popcorn or M&Ms.
Times have changed.
Daniel, one of the trainers at 12 Rounds is blogging the run up to his first fight so check that out, he gives film recommendation on his blog and I'll give another here too. Whiplash, I went with a friend after yoga class last week and it's fantastic. You know how you (probably) don't care about drumming?  I don't either but Christ did I care about this drumming movie.  A really tight, tense, controlled film with fantastic performances and an amazing and unique finale, really something special, even if in my mind JK Simmons will always be J. Jonah Jameson from Spider-Man.

Thanks for reading, this weeks cute cat video really is a must watch, trust me, and here's another cat just being weird.

Healthy eating is boring right? Nope. I made this pulled pork recipe this week and it was AMAZING

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