Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Like Home Alone with an Axe to the Face

New tattoo!
This week's blog reading music is Scream by The Misfits because I got a couple of tattoos done this week by Matty D'Arienzo at Into You tattoos in Clerkenwell, one is a Misfits 'fiend' logo and I also got a little Space Invader tattoo which I adore.  I've loved The Misfits since I first heard them and it's such an iconic image that represents both the band and my love of cheesy horror and b-movies, more on which later.

This week 12 Rounds Boxing celebrated the 1st anniversary of opening their gym in Clapham so there was celebratory drinks which I attended even though I'm still mostly utterly uncomfortable and anxious in any sort of unfamiliar social setting.  But you have to put yourself out of your comfort zone to overcome and improve right? It's the same as anything else we do at the gym - you only get better if it's hard.  I did spend an evening in a pub without booze too.

12 Rounds has gone from strength to strength in a year though, lots of new members, new coaches, new classes.  I know I'm a cheerleader for them on my blog but I feel like I can't not be, they've shown me so so much support and encouragement, above and beyond what you'd ever expect from just paying a gym membership.  Kat, John and the team really take an active interest in their members and every class feels like a personal training session.  Although I don't live far from the gym a lot of people travel some impressive distances to get there which only goes to show the loyalty they've got from their clients, and well earned loyalty at that.  So happy birthday to 12 Rounds, here's to many more, and enough gushing.

Happy Birthday 12 Rounds!

Looks sore right after being done.
I celebrated an anniversary myself this week, 2 years since I since I left Essex and moved in with Diana which means it's the same amount of time since I had a cigarette (Diana will happily take credit for every positive thing that's happened since then, thank you Honey x).  I don't even think about the fact that I used to smoke any more and it actually feels weird to think that I did, I was glad to remember that's something well in the past.  I used to drink and smoke all the time and live on pizza, what's happened to me?  If you smoke tobacco, please don't, you'll be much happier without it. Trust me.

Since I did the 12 Weeks program last year where everything was measured and doing my own 12 Weeks to start this year off I've not been weighing myself or measuring anything really, I was just going to check in at the end.  8 weeks in and that's turned out to be not a great plan, the exercise side has been great but the diet's been slipping so as of this week (at Kat's urging) I've weighed myself, measured all the appropriate bits of anatomy (not that one) and installed My Fitness Pal on my phone to keep a record of everything I'm eating.  My Fitness Pal is an easy way to keep track of your diet, exercise and your nutritional requirements and is a good way of keeping you accountable.  I'll be bang on it for the next 4 weeks.  The plan is to take photos every 12 weeks so I've got to show some improvement in the next month.  Like everything else in the world you can add friends on My Fitness Pal too so feel free to join in and add me as a friend to check I've not binged on a massive packet of cookies.

Healthy cooking continues to be brilliant.
It's winter, so I'm all about big bowls of comfort food at the moment.

As predicted last week I didn't see any sensible films this week but I did get stuck into horror movies with gusto.  The Nightmare on Elm Street remake was about as good as you'd expect but I thoroughly enjoyed Demons (1985 Dario Argento classic, utterly bonkers), You're Next (messy, fun, home invasion - like Home Alone with an axe to the face, check it out on Netflix), The Loved Ones (Australian indie about a teenage girl who doesn't take prom rejection well), The Descent (potholing is scary enough, even without monsters) and topped of with The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled which is a road movie in the which the great pothead stand up Doug Benson attempts to smoke all the weed in America and accidentally makes a movie along the way.  We actually got out of the house this week too to the Soho Theatre to see 'Dracula! (Mr Swallow: The Musical)' which is not a horror but is hilarious.  Mr Swallow (Nick Mohammed) is seriously one of the funniest comedy creations I've ever seen.  Highly recommended.

Thanks for reading.  Here's a Red Panda playing in the snow which might be the most adorable thing I've ever seen and also further evidence that cats are dicks.

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