Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Of sadomasochism and gluten-free pancakes.

This week's blog reading music is The Touch from the 1986 animated Transformers movie.  We always have music on on in the gym and my favourite is to have a bit of 80s cheese, this is a prime cut of that very special style of music that should really be on our playlist.  Also, Transformers the Movie is amazing - unlike those new Michael Bay directed monstrosities.

I nearly puked in the gym this week.  The day after I gave blood (should have been taking it easier) we finished our boxing skills school with a particularly rough circuit of bodyweight exercises and box jumps and battle ropes and chucking medicine balls around that left me woozy and running for the bathroom by the end of it. This felt a bit like self abuse, felt amazing once the nausea had passed though, that endorphin rush you get from pushing your body really hard is difficult to beat.  Seeing as the world's gone mad for 50 Shades of Grey this week it seems appropriate.

People at work being as supportive as ever.  Must make good choices

I've done hardly anything else this week, I've been to boxing and weight training classes at 12 Rounds, my yoga class in Old Street and swimming in the local pool and been a total homebody the rest of the time. The only thing I've done is attain 100% completion on Grand Theft Auto 5. Wait a minute - THAT'S HUGE!  If I had dedicated as many hours to the gym as I had to exploring the greater Los Santos (and Blaine County) area I'd be a total beefcake by now.  Actually that's the second time I've 100%'d it...  I'm such a nerd.

Comfort food a-go-go in this cold weather.
 Bean, pepper and bacon stew.
It's pancake day this week and pancakes always make me think of  staying with my grandparents when I was little.  Nan would make the best pancakes and not just on pancake day either which would lead to my Granddad complaining that "Why should he get special treatment?" and that he never got pancakes (while she was making a batch for him too) followed by his getting his own back by terrifying me with his dentures. Scarred for life I am! It still makes me shudder to think of him popping his teeth out at me...  so, so gross.  I loved my grandparents though and while traditional pancakes with syrup or lemon & sugar are clearly awesome maybe try this furious recipe for flour-less pancakes.  Seeing as I'm trying to avoid eating gluten I tried these at the weekend with berries and Greek yogurt and they were wicked. I wish all recipes were written this way though, it'd make that awful mockney git Oliver boy more palatable and Delia telling everyone to go fuck themselves would be great, I bet she's got a mouth like a docker when the cameras are turned off.  Speaking of food, have a read of my trainer Kat's blog this week on food and our attitudes towards it, if you'd ever struggled with food or diet (who hasn't) it's a good read.

The fact that these are allowed on my 'diet' gives me happy.

A couple of film recommendations this week.  I've been on a horror movie tip lately and really enjoyed Housebound which crosses a ghost story with a whodunnit and also manages to be equal parts horror and comedy without sacrificing either. Also Dead Snow 2 which I guarantee is the best Norwegian Nazi Zombie movie you'll see all week and is a total splatterfest.  I might watch a sensible drama by next week's blog but it's much more likely I'm going to try to squeeze in as many ridiculous horrors as possible.

Thanks for reading.  Here's a 109 year old man who knits sweaters for penguins a bunch of capybaras sharing a hot tub and proof that there really is a monster under the bed.

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