Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Chocolate Hangover

I suck. Been a couple of weeks since I've written a blog post and things haven't been brilliant on the health front, these things are connected.  Having something to be accountable to really makes a difference and writing this every week, even when there's not much to talk about, definitely help keep focus where it needs to be.  You might be the reader but don't mistaken, it's all about me.

So Easter came and went in a blizzard of chocolate, hot cross buns, wine and a massive leg of lamb (a freebie from the awesome Chadwicks butchers in Balham) and I was pleasantly surprised to step on the scale after the weekend and find my weight's stayed the same.  The problem is it's stayed the same for a few weeks now and I'm frustrated at the lack of progress on the scale,  I know it's not the numbers that matter but it's only not changing because I've not been doing the right things with my diet -  We've had friends over for dinner, nights out in pubs and at gigs  (Dropkick Murphys, Placebo, Squarepusher), and the whole Easter weekend was a write-off including street food at Brick Lane (buffalo wings - oh em jee) and Borough Market where I bought a cookie as big as my head as well as the very cool Art of the Brick exhibition. All good stuff and great fun but not good for the diet and once it starts to slip it's harder and harder to stop it slipping.

Lego innit
What this means is although I've still been in the gym a lot these last few weeks and feel like my fitness level is better than it's ever been I'm still fatter than I should be at this point. As Kat, my guru from 12 Rounds pointed out "You can't out train a bad diet".  The original plan was to go from Christmas to Easter and then post my next set of before and after pictures, the before and after pictures from October to Christmas showed a pretty good progress but I don't feel like I've made the gains to bother posting another set just yet, but soon.  I'm going to smash it for a couple of weeks and see if I can catch up with myself so no more booze (I get bored of it anyway), no more little cheats and before you know it I'll be posting another set of shirtless photos up here for you lucky sods. I guess this blog is for you after all.

12 Rounds Boxing, my home from home - now if I can just get the diet back on track I'll be sorted.
 I need to give a shout out to 12 Rounds trainer Kirk Garvey who won his 3rd professional fight last weekend and is looking to get back in the ring soon.  Also there's a night of semi-pro boxing coming up at the Clapham Grand on 23rd April featuring a few 12 Rounds members getting in the ring so be sure come along to cheer them on.

Thanks for reading, enjoy this video of the the stoopidest dog in the history of dogs.

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