Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

This week's music is March of the Poozers by Devin Townsend.  I've posted a Devin song before I'm sure but we went to see him perform an EPIC show at the Royal Albert Hall this week so here's another.  Not entirely sure Sci-Fi heavy metal musicals full of poop jokes and ridiculous teenage fantasies given life were what the amazing and beautiful RHA was really intended for (in fact I'm almost positive it wasn't) but it sure did look and sound pretty.

Devin rocking the RHA's poopy bunghole.  Indeeeed.

Big green bastard (tastes better
than it looks, honest)
So, still feeling motivated from last week's post.  Watched a couple of documentaries I'd recommend on Netflix called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2), available here on youtube too, made by a guy named Joe Cross who's really into juice, like REALLY into it.  As the title might imply he was in pretty bad shape until he started on a fruit & vegetable only diet, he lost loads of weight, cleared up some of his health problems made a couple of films and appears to have gotten a pretty lucrative business up and running out of it.  Now I wouldn't say a temporary diet made exclusively of fruit and veg juice would be the way to go, I'm all about long term, sustainable, change here and 'diets' tend to mean people just snap back to their bad habits at the end of the allocated 30/60/90 days, but Joe's enthusiasm for what he does got to me and anything that get people to put down cheeseburgers and veg more veg into themselves has got to be a good thing.  It certainly got me making veggie smoothies this week to up my intake and turned out to be a good meal if I'm late home from the gym.  Blended smoothies rather than juices for me though as I  want to make sure I get all that dietary fibre, plus mine have some fat in to help with the nutrient absorption, otherwise that stuff just makes a swift exit.  Have a watch, it'll probably inspire you to eat more greens and has some good info on dietary science that's laid out in an easily digestible manner too.

Big purple bastard
One of the main takeaways from watching it though was the community that Joe has built up around his juicing empire and that really resonated with me, a lot of support and encouragement. From the crew at 12 Rounds and our little private Facebook group where we support and encourage one another it's become clear to me that having other people on this fitness journey with you who you can be accountable to and rely on is really as important as eating right and getting the exercise in.  So if you're reading this thinking you should really get in better shape but can't motivate yourself by yourself then find someone who'll do it with you (and of you don't have someone, hit me up in the comments section below), get a friend to run around the park with you, get to a class at a gym, jump on the forums at My Fitness Pal, try a free taster session at 12 Rounds or even just start following Instragram accounts that show how people are progressing in their weight loss, anything to keep you focused.  I feel super focused this week, diet's on point, I can't wait to get in the gym, I'm walking everywhere now the sun's coming out...  fingers crossed that next week's blog isn't all about how badly I got drunk and fell into a massive pack of double choc chip cookies.

Quick shout out to a company I've been using for protein powders and supplements who I really like, Bulkpowders great products at good prices and really good customer service too and if you use code DB4MY2 at checkout you can get £5 off any order over £15.

A good price for 2kgs of peanut butter.  Or a weeksworth as I think of it.

Thanks for reading, here's some more cats being right little fuckers.

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