Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Of grindcore and wall smashing.

This week's blog listening music is Built to Grind by Agoraphobic Nosebleed.  Hey, it might be utterly horrible sounding and probably even a bit painful for most of you to hear but at least it is only 22 seconds long.   This coming weekend I'm going to Temples Festival in Bristol which is all extreme metal bands and there's a rumour that Agoraphobic Nosebleed might play an unannounced show, this is very exciting for old Dan as they've only ever played one gig despite being a band I've been into for 15 years or so.

Right, so after last week's realisation that things had started to go badly and I wasn't dealing with it properly this week was much more back to business as usual. OK, so there was a drunken night over the bank holiday weekend but I least I drank straight whiskey rather than beer - gotta watch those carbs after all (I didn't care so much when I needed pizza the next day to deal with the hangover but there you go).  But that was a blip, and a conscious decision of a blip at that and that's the important aspect, making a decision to get drunk or eat a pizza isn't nearly as band as slipping into a state where booze or pizza or other unhealthy choices are the norm which is what was starting to happen the couple of weeks previously.  This week's been 90% on point and that's not bad.

Back to business.  Lunches were getting lazy.

Weight isn't really the best way to measure overall health but I did jump back on the scale this week to see I'd put on a few pounds, not as bad as I thought it would have been though, it's also back to tracking food on My Fitness Pal which I'd also kinda forgotten about but I've really found to be a useful tool when I actually use it.  Gotta keep myself in check and still use it even if I'm not eating well. It's all well and good putting all the salad and steamed salmon in there but kinda misses the point that when I eat a slab of cheesecake I conveniently leave that off eh?  The point is it's about being honest with myself -  there's no point thinking everything's going OK when it's isn't, there's no point convincing myself a bag of salt & vinegar McKoys is a reasonable thing for me to be eating at lunch (it is the King of all crisps but it's also so unhealthy and one of the last things I should be be eating) and there's really no point in finding excuses or justifications for myself to eat badly or exercise less and I did all of these things, total self-defeating behaviour.  I know I feel happier and healthier when I stay accountable to myself but it's an effort and it's easier to take the path of least resistance.

Less proud of myself than I look.

So, recognising all that is pretty healthy I think and I've still been in the gym plenty.  We had a strength and conditioning session at the weekend which resulted in my smashing a plaster wall with a medicine ball.  The class instructor demonstrated the exercise first but clearly she didn't have my ball chucking gusto obviously and a couple of people went before me as we do our circuits in rotation but I'm a fair bit stronger and twice the size of most of the ladies in the class so when it was my turn it got good and smashed.  I immediately took my ball over to a brick wall but the person after me went right back to the smashed plaster wall and put another great dent in it!  Oh well, gives the gym a spot of character I suppose and I offered to plaster the hole up which will be fun.  I watched some good sparring sessions at 12 Rounds this week too as we've got 6 people from the gym fighting at the Clapham Grand this Thursday (Come! It's always good fun) and I have to say I'm getting the itch to get in there again, think I need to have a word with the management about getting some sparring in so I can take my aggression out on people in the gym rather than the gym itself.

Sparring session at 12 Rounds is fun to watch.
Hopefully that'll be me before too long.
Thanks for reading, here's cow enjoying a cuddle and a budgie doing an R2-D2 impression.  I'll check in next week with an update on quite how unhealthy my weekend festival experience was (I'm not expecting a good one).

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