Friday, 22 May 2015

Oh, for fuck's sake.

This week's blog reading music is Fall Back Down by Rancid.  It's been a bit of a crap week or two diet wise, the fact that I skipped writing the blog last week is always a bad sign but it's time to pick myself back up again.  There's not too many vibrant, empowering punk rock songs written about slipping on your low gluten diet and then getting back to being healthy but there's loads about being brutally dumped and having to dust yourself off, so I'm appropriating this one for the minute.

Organisation is key.  People always says this about being healthy, I've said it in this blog even, and I've I've not been properly organised.  We've had a couple of weekends filled with family and friends and food and while that's lovely and a great time was had there's been street food stalls (visited the Rib Man in Brick Lane and finally had poutine amongst others), cheesecake, burgers, beers, a wine tasting...  it's not been great.  The worst of it though is that while having a couple of days here and there to cut loose and not watch everything you eat is good for the soul it's amazing how quickly you can undo the good work you've done.  If it was a case of a day off, treats, and then back to business it'd be fine but it's more a case of one day breaks the healthy habits I've been building up then a couple more days slip and before I know it I'm eating crap habitually and I've not had anything green all day. This is something that needs continual work and I have to remind myself that the point is to keep working at it not to get complacent and just coast. I've had almost 40 years of a pretty terrible diet and a unhealthy relationship with food - the work I've done so far isn't going to change all that in my head right away.

You evil, delicious, bastard.
It's an addiction really. For me it's sugar, but it's the same kind of process with foods or cigarettes or booze or any other compulsive behaviour. It's fine when I've been cutting the processed sugar out completely but once I've had a slice of cheesecake the cravings kick in like nobodies business.  Without wanting to get all tin-foil hat crazy there's a good reason that corporations pack your processed foods with sugar, and it's not for your benefit, it's so you keep coming back for another hit.  I need to remind myself how much happier I feel when I'm eating properly and staying away from sugar and that the effort to do so isn't nearly as bad as the way I'll feel if I slip back to being lazy.

An example of the type of healthy choice I should be making more often.
Also, I got to prepare this snack with a hammer - winner!
This sounds like everything's been terrible recently and it's really not, more a realisation that I've not been doing as well as I should have.  Busy evenings meant I swapped some of my gym sessions to early mornings which is always good, getting a good sweat on before work really sets you up for the day, and so I've still been getting 4/5 sessions in a week which is good but the diet is key.   

Still in the gym.  Hulk socks for weight lifting - DAN SMASH!

Speaking of which I've been trying Matcha green tea powder which is apparently incredibly good for you but I can't find a way of consuming it without it being utterly rank.  Anyone got any tips?

Right, off for a week of super clean eating before I ruin it all again by going to a 3 day heavy metal festival next weekend with a load of heavy drinkers.  Oh Jesus.

Thanks for reading, here's some yawning kittens.

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