Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Lying Milkshake

This week's blog reading music is Methamphetamine Blues by the Mark Lanegan Band.  A dirty, driving slab of grinding blues from one of the greatest vocalist of a generation.  Seriously, listen to Mark Lanegan.

I've been getting pissed off about the food industry again this week.  I've noticed a trend towards marketing products with a high protein content as health foods as if just mixing a scoop of powdered whey into anything makes it better for you.  Protein bars which are about as good for you as a Mars bar, protein infused ice cream which is just ice cream.  I mean look at this bloody thing, it's a Snickers high protein milkshake with a 'Sports Cap', y'know, because it's healthy and provides 22g of protein.  IT'S A FUCKING MILKSHAKE.  Some of the ingredients of this healthy drink - Rapeseed Oil, Xanthan Gum (derived from corn syrup, the worst thing in the world for you short of cigarettes), Salt (because you need extra salt in milk), cane molasses (sugar), sucralose (sugar) as well as artificial sweeteners and flavours.   Another one, my friend Femma who started the 12 Week Transformation course with me last year was handed this outside a train station this week (it was a promotion not just a milk pusher....  I hope), milk with added protein sounds healthy right?  Here's what's added - Sunflower oil, corn oil, Beta glucan (what?), Trisodiumcitrate (what?), Carrageenan (what?), Dextrose (sugar), Salt, Sucralose (sugar) and artificial sweeteners and flavours again of course.

I wanted a proper shake so I made one in a blender.
  Cottage cheese (yes, really) lots of berries and a spoon of peanut butter.  Delicious AND healthy. 
It's no wonder that people struggle to lose weight when they walk into a shop and see products like this marketed as a healthier option, much like the low fat versions of packaged foods that tend to be packed with sugar and salt, they're no healthier for you than the full fat version.  People with the best of intentions who are trying to be mindful of their waistline will pick up baked crisps, or low fat breakfast biscuits or yogurts or 'healthy' bread options and then be surprised when nothing changes for them, unaware that the whole time their body is dealing with a massive dose of sugar most of which will be stored as fat.  My advice, always read the ingredient list, you'd be amazed the amount of products that have added sugar in one of it's many guises, salt, or fats.  Better than that even is just to buy real foods as much as possible, if something's been made in a factory it's probably not ideal for helping you get into shape.

Need extra protein? Just eat real food that's
high in it. Like me eating LOADS of eggs.
This kind of stuff has been on my mind a lot this week so I watched a documentary on Netflix that I'd recommend that deals with sugar in foods and childhood obesity called Fed Up - trailer - It's American-centric but a lot of what's covered applies to the UK too, especially the ways in which foods are marketed to the public.  Marketing sucks, remember if someone's trying to sell you something they have their profits higher on their list of priorities than your well being.  Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, learn to cook, exercise, you'll feel lots better than drinking a milkshake that's lying to you while you do so.

Oh look, real food.  This lovely summer stew took about
10 minutes to make.
Thanks for reading, here's a great big dog who's scared of kittens and a pitbull who's definitely not thinking about eating all these baby chickens.

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