Monday, 27 July 2015

How to put on 9lbs in 10 days.

OK, I suck. This is supposed to be a weekly blog but I've slacked off the last few weeks, appropriately then the blog reading music this week it Back Where I Belong by Rancid.  Taking time off the blog usually means taking time off the gym and the diet too so I'm very glad to be back both here and there.

So since I last wrote I've finally got back to some sparring at 12 Rounds Boxing.  I did a little bit of sparring last year before I got hurt and miserable and basically quit so to get myself back up to the level of fitness and confidence to step in the ring for a few rounds felt like a pretty sizeable achievement.  I did manage to immediately jack my thumb up with a poorly executed left hook to the body but all in all great fun and I can't wait to get in there more and more.

Done a bo-bo.

Shortly after the smooshed up thumb came my birthday which was a perfect pair of excuses to take about a week off the gym, indulge at home, cinema visits, comedy shows, even a pro-wrestling show in Tooting and also go out to eat loads (Honest Burger, Five Guys, The Tooting Italian and Graveney and Meadow were all good but Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester was just that little bit more special - thanks Diana!).  It was about time for a rest anyway, trainers at the gym even sat me down as they were worried I was over doing it, I've got a history or injuries so I just love the fact that my trainers keep an eye out for me in that way. Although these days I feel like I'm getting better at managing my recovery after hard work outs letting me work much more than I used to. Stretching, yoga, diet, I even had an ice bath after a session the other week which was considerably more unpleasant than the work out.   But still, balance is a good thing and working hard most of the time is all well and good but one occasionally needs to put one's feet up, eat ice cream and watch loads of MMA which is what I've been doing.  Lovely.

I'm back!  LET'S BLEEDIN' 'AV IT!!!!
All well and good until I actually wanted to go back to the gym though.  Amazing how quickly the fitness falls away having a bit of break and eating crap - Jesus Christ, first day back I was seriously struggling but after a few sessions it feels like it's coming back, I also jumped on the scales to see I'd managed to pack on 9lbs in about 10 days which is pretty good going!  I'll be back up to full power again though, that weight'll come off, the fitness will come back and get even better and I'm going to be sparring more and changing up the training a bit in the weeks to come.   Stay tuned for in the coming weeks for updates on training changes, the progress photos that I forgot to do before my birthday that can now wait 'till I've shifted this ice cream weight, a report on the inaugural 12 Rounds sports day and an exciting announcement.

Having a break is great but I'm refocused, rededicated and back where I belong.

Thanks for reading.  Here's a cat being terrified by a cucumber.

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