Friday, 2 October 2015

Squats, deadlifts and Thai food. Back to business.

This week's blog music is If The Music Ain't Loud by Tim Timebomb and Reef The Lost Cauze.  Music is the thing that's always brought me me most joy and the best times, so in the spirit of feeling on the up following last week's blog, here's a song about how great music is.  How very meta.

The view on a walk to work.  I love London.
Happy to report this week has gone really well, I feel like the depressive cloud has properly lifted and I've been back to feeling super motivated the way I felt a couple of months ago.  Last Friday after I posted the blog I went out to see The Wildhearts for about the millionth time, who were awesome, and bounced about and danced like a loon and all around had a great time and drank a few pints.  All the jumping around aggravated my old achilles injury of course so had to skip boxing on Saturday and beer is the worst thing for my diet...  worth it, totally worth it.  I did get back in the gym on Sunday to lift weights for the first time in ages though, it's a bit intimidating when you've not done something for a while so was happy to get close to my personal best for squats and deadlifts (130kgs each) and followed that up with an hour of yoga.  A few more sessions at 12 Rounds during the week including some sparring and things are really feeling on track. I'm getting excited about heading to the gym each day, planning my week out to get my sessions and rest days in and feeling dedicated and motivated to work hard while I'm there, I remember this feeling and it's fantastic and it's so easy to forget how much I love it when it feels like an effort to get out of the house.  Much like when I started this journey the hardest thing is getting going but once you do it's easy to get caught up in the momentum and eating a clean diet is easy when you want to make sure you're putting the right things in your body at the right times so it's working at it's best.

Laab moo.
The weather has helped too.  We're getting a glorious warm and sunny start to the autumn and it making me want to walk everywhere, just being more active generally is always good and I've been back in the habit of getting off the tube early to walk the last couple of stops and I can't recommend doing that enough.

My diet has been bang on this week, if a bit repetitive.  Cinnamon porridge with berries for breakfasts and home made thai flavoured turkey burgers for lunch every day (I didn't want these every day but the lovely Diana defrosted all my turkey mince.  It's OK though, they're tasty and super healthy) and evening meals have been just as healthy.  If you're worried about healthy food being boring then get into making curries and Thai food, you can take all the starchy carbs and sugar and processed rubbish out of your diet and still have exciting food if you're cooking with spices and fresh herbs which are so good for you. The best thing I've made though is laab moo, a Thai dish that my trainer/guru/spirit animal Kat introduced me too, it's minced pork with lots of spices and fresh herbs and it's the proverbial dog's bollocks, I'm going to be making this a lot.  Check out this recipe, I skipped the toasted rice (keep it low carb innit?!), used a load of fresh basil, coriander and mint and also added some deseeded tomatoes at the very end, so it's hardly authentic but seriously tasty and nutritious too.  I can also report that leftovers makes for a fantastic breakfast with a couple of runny eggs on top.

Thai turkey burgers.  These pics are a recipe, just add fish sauce.

Breakfasts continue to be awesome.

Thanks for reading.  Here's an owl and a pussycat who are total BFF.

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